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Photoshop Tutorial on Eyes

Today I made a quick video tutorial on how to create a new eye with sparkle from an existing eyeball. Our model is Oscar the Mini Doxie. If you are a digital artist or an aspiring one please consider joining me in Dallas on April 11th and 12th for a Photoshop Digital Painting workshop. In this 2 day hands on class I teach my students to use the smudge tool and the paint brushes in Photoshop to draw and paint using the Wacom drawing tablet.  The class is only $205 for 12 hours of instruction. You can sign up at the Creative Arts Center website.  This course is great for both the hobbyist that wants to create a pet portrait of their own pet and it is really terrific for artists and photographers that want to learn to add digital painting to their arsenal. In one of my classes I had 3 women from out of state that wanted to do what I do professionally and I was very generous with additional business information in relation to pet portraiture business models and resources.